Save on your heating bill this holiday season!

On sale! 4-ton heat pump unit 16 SEER. Package Features include:

  • 4-ton, 16 SEER, Heat pump condensing unit, air handler, and emergency electric heat strips.
  • R-410a freon, more energy efficient and non-ozone depleting than traditional R-22.
  • Quiet Plus, with sound blanket and swept wing fan blade engineered to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Heat Pump provides more energy efficient heat cycles during the winter.
  • Brushed stainless steel cage protects the unit and is more durable, while looking sleek and stylish.
  • Variable Ultra Tech Compressor with 2 stage cooling and heating.
  • Anteater Coil Technology prevents formicary corrosion in air handler.
  • Energy Efficient Variable Speed Motor is extra quiet and smooth while delivering just the right amount of air to your home.
  • Free upgrade to a Nest Learning thermostat, version 2.0.
  • Complete installation.
  • Industry leading 12 year warrantee.
  • 1 year warrantee on labor.

Complete Package only $7,499!

Price is for change out of existing unit with vertical air handler.

Posted on November 15, 2012 .